Written Response to Live Performance

Composition II
November 5, 2020
English Eassy
November 5, 2020

Written Response to Live Performance

Written Response to Live Performance




All answers should be written in complete sentences with proper grammar, and all answers should be filled in within this document. Submissions that are sent in that do not match this format will be graded as a 0.

Question 1: ACTING

In the course of your watching and listening to Bat Boy, many actors will take the stage and make acting choices while performing the play that you have read (and watched). Describe two moments in the play that stuck out to you and explain what happened in that moment on stage ,and what about it was working (or not) for you, using language from the course (i.e Subtext, heightened language, inside out or outside in acting, given circumstances, etc.) 20 pts- 40-70 words per answer.

A: (30pts) First Moment:

B. (30pts) Second Moment:

Question 2: DESIGN

We’ve discussed the wide range of design choices that have to be made during the show (including sound, light, costume and scenic design): Choose two moments from Bat Boy during which the design element tells you something about a character, mood, atmosphere or given circumstancesFor each moment you must 1) describe what the design did and what it told you 2) Why was it effective? Each answer should be 40-70 words, 15 pts each

A: (20pts) First Moment:

B: (20pts) Second Moment

Question 3: REFLECTION

Now that you’ve seen Bat Boy! The Musical, please reflect on A) What do you think was the directorial concept for this play(refer to the chapter on directing in your text book and your notes from class on Week 11), and why do you think that? and b) What did the play (using the concept you identified in A) mean to you? Each answer should be 40-70 words, 15pts each.



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