Written Formal Analytical Report


Instructions Overview For this assignment, you are required to write a formal analytical report based on a given scenario.  Note: the rubric requests formal writing. As a reminder, this means using formally styled sentences in the passive voice, with no contractions, and no references to the 1st or 2nd persons (I, me, we, us, you). The Scenario Your manager has tasked you with devising a strategy to improve the organization and productivity of departmental meetings. Currently, departmental meetings are not productive. Staff attending the meetings leave frustrated and confused. Meetings are described as disorganized, not well-attended, and sometimes irrelevant to their stated purpose. Your Task Use the knowledge gained in this course to write an analytical report that will be shared with the executive of your company. The report should be written in a formal tone as outlined in the rubric. Your report must identify the nature of the problem (using your imagination, elaborate on the problem described above), including causes and consequences. Using course materials AND at least two academic research sources (books, online sources) to be cited in in-text citations as well as listed in a reference section, describe and discuss potential solutions for this problem then recommend a solution or solutions that might work best in your situation and why. There are two parts to this assignment: a report outline and the analytical report. Please submit your report outline to the Assignment 5 folder. Your instructor will provide you with feedback on your outline and you are to take this feedback into account when submitting your report. Note that while no marks are awarded for your outline, your instructor will not mark your report if you have not yet submitted an outline and received feedback on that outline. Detailed information about the outline and the report are provided below. Outline of Report Writing in Arial size 12, submit an outline of your report to your instructor for approval prior to submitting your report. Follow the guidelines in the text for writing an outline. Include the following in your outline: Topic/problem identification and description Purpose of report Main points you will cover Recommendations Conclusions (summation of the report, potential benefits, potential costs, and possible recommendations) Tip: You will find the outline and the report much easier to write if you do your research first.  Final Report Write your final report in Arial 12 by following the outline you created and incorporating the feedback you received on your outline from your instructor. Follow the guidelines for formal reports as outlined in this week’s lesson. Stay within 1500 – 2000 words.

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