write a software requirements document for the River system


River is focused on providing a unique and collaborative experience in listening and sharing music. Using existing platforms like Spotify, we would like to be able to provide customers with the ultimate real-time experience of adding songs to the group playlist and broadcasting it through the local speakers. River allows everyone to claim their stake of ownership of the music playlist and provides an equal opportunity for all contributors through the River algorithm. The River algorithm considers factors such as number of requests, feedback on songs, feedback on user recommendations, overlapping requests and more. With this focus, River hopes to provide customers an avenue to listen and share music like never before.  The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to write a fairly complete and precise requirements specification, which is a critical step in developing a large software system. Completing this assignment will give you experience in one of the most interesting and difficult software engineering tasks. This assignment is to write a software requirements document for the River system. The details of the requirements should be elicited by client interviews with your professor during lecture. He will act as customer. Your document should be based solely on the information discussed in these interviews. Do not add any requirements other than what was discussed in these interviews. The deliverable is an electronic PDF copy due via Gradescope by the due date. The following late policy applies: Assignments turned in within 24 hours after the deadline will receive a 50% penalty. No assignments will be accepted after that. We provide a template Word document  with which you should start (see Files section of Canvas). Your requirements specification should contain all of the sections contained in this template. There are some student samples in the Files section of Canvas for guidance.

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