write a memo to your classmates recommending Crain’s magazine, giving three advantages it provides for commerce-minded students like them. In other words, how could reading it help their careers?

Assume they know little or nothing about Crain’s and need a brief summary of it. You should not
just state the advantages; you should also explain the rationales behind them, giving details from
the site itself and linking them to your point. Think of each advantage as the equivalent of a
topic sentence and your rationale, the support: point/support. Start with your point or bottom
line! The link to Crain’s is supplied below, but you can Google it just as easily. Don’t include aesthetic
reasons, like ease of use, because these could apply to thousands of websites. You want
advantages that set Crain’s apart for business students like them. Why Crain’s?
I will be looking for • a clearly established bottom line at the beginning, along with background on Crain’s • three advantages/benefits w/ rationales or support • some design! Make the advantages easy to spot! • professional quality grammar, punctuation, and mechanics

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