What I Want To Be When I Grow UP


Write A paper about “What I want to be when I grow up.”  The first paragraph should tell me what job you currently have and what you like about it, specific duties or the industry. The second part is 5, 10 and 20 yr career goals. Included in each of those goals should be specific data (the US census as a resource as well as glassdoor.com) about required qualifications, salary and job forecasting for each position.  1. The first paragraph should tell me what job you currently have and what you like about it, specific duties or the industry.  -I am currently a Senior Enlisted Advisor; as SEA I like being able to share my experience and mentor Sailors and Officers. -I am also a Administration Officer; as AO I like drafting instructions and taking care of Sailors. -I am also a Submarine Force Independent Duty Corpsmen; as SUBIDC I like emergency patient care and fighting to save a life. -I am also a Career Counselor; as CC I like educating Sailors on how to advance their lives and achieve a degree/certification. -I am also a Sexual Assault Victims Advocate; I like being able to assist someone preserve and regain their life.  – As Senior Enlisted Advisor I assist and enhance policy, strategy, and outreach to the workforce, serve as a liaison to executive and middle management. I provide accurate and timely dissemination of information to the workforce, make routine and frequent visits throughout their counties under my supervision, and manage communications between their principal and assistant leaders under my supervision. I assist on policy development, change, and implementation regarding the workforce and with their Department of Defense senior counterparts. I am responsible for mentoring Junior Officers and Enlisted as well as taking and executing disciplinary actions. I maintain strong relationships with service organizations and non-government organizations that support personnel issues, while maintaining compliance with Standards of Conduct and Legislation and other applicable policies. Duties also are to represent my commander, communicating the commander’s goals and direction for the command to the enlisted  workforce (578 Sailors), while simultaneously representing the enlisted personnel’s views and concerns to the commander. I enhance communication and foster a better understanding of the needs and viewpoints of all members of the Navy family. By advising, consulting, and participating in the executive leadership team, I  play an important role in the continuous improvement of the command. I advise ALL Navy members on personnel policies, programs, ideas, and opportunities pertinent to their well-being, allowing them to focus on performing their mission and enhancing their careers. I report directly to my commanders and keep the chain of command aware and informed of sensitive and current issues whenever appropriate. I bring my expertise in my relationship/understanding of the enlisted workforce. To remain credible and to prevent gaps from growing in these critical relationships, I spend as much time visiting and communicating with command personnel as possible.  – As Administration Officer I direct administrative division or serves as executive assistant to operating head, performing combination of administrative duties such as personnel administration, organization and methods, space planning, work progress reporting, and supervision of postal activities. Plans modification of organization in accordance with workload. Exercises management control over personnel, services and funds. Compiles administrative manuals. Analyzes organization methods to improve effectiveness. Approves requests for office supplies, facilities and equipment. Provide counseling related to Navy occupations, opportunities for general education and job training, promotion, rights, and benefits. Interview personnel for assignment recommendations. Assist Sailors and their families with special problems or personal hardships. Establish and maintain liaison with the Navy Personnel Command. Provide career guidance. Manage your duty station’s Career Information Program. Maintain and enter data into Enlisted Service Records. Gain personnel to new commands, transfer personnel, prepare personnel for retirement/Fleet Reserve and prepare all types of separations. – As a Submarine Force Independent Duty Corpsmen I serve as the Medical Department Representative (MDR) aboard submarines and at various isolated duty stations ashore independent of a medical officer. Perform patient care and associated shipboard administrative and logistical duties. Perform diagnostic procedures, advanced first aid, basic life support, nursing procedures, minor surgery, basic clinical laboratory procedures and other routine and emergency health care. Conduct and direct preventive medicine and industrial hygiene surveillance programs. Familiar in the prevention and treatment of illness associated with the enclosed submarine environment, diving, and high-pressure conditions. Provide health education to medical and nonmedical personnel. Perform all patient care and medical management functions as a Physician Assistant. Serve as the Radiation Health Officer (RHO) aboard submarines and am trained in the medical aspects relative to personnel exposed to ionizing radiation. Direct and administer the Personnel Dosimetry and Radiation Health Programs. Maintain and compile radiation exposure records and reports. Provide medical assistance, training, and inspection services to operational forces and component units. – As a Career Counselor I provide career information guidance and assistance to help Sailors explore and evaluate their education, training, interests, and capabilities; assist commands in organizing and implementing aggressive career information programs; coordinate with other command program coordinators in making sure career and personnel specific programs are being implemented in accordance with current Navy policies; assist Sailors in setting goals based on sound career decisions and identifying opportunities to develop their careers to the fullest potential; coordinate interviewing and counseling efforts; and provide additional career counseling for Sailors who are transitioning or retiring. – As a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate I provide essential support and care to the victim to include providing non-clinical information on available options and resources to assist the victim in making informed decisions as they progress through resolution and healing. Support: continuous victim support throughout the process. Provide all information to the victim so that he/she can make the best decision. Serve as liaison between victim and service providers. Support through initial/ongoing investigation. Support through court proceedings. Conduct annual sexual assault training and pre-deployment sexual assault briefs for commands (VA). Report directly to Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) for Victim Advocate duties. Provide victim support until able to conduct a warm hand off to an Victim Advocate. Facilitate Monthly Case Status Updates. Available to respond 24/7. 2. The second part is 5, 10 and 20 yr career goals. Included in each of those goals should be specific data (the US census as a resource as well as glassdoor.com) about required qualifications, salary and job forecasting for each position.   – 5 year career goal- be a certified Physician Assistant -10 year career goal- Completed advanced degree in a specialty such as internal medicine as a Physician Assistant (PA). -20 year career goal- Retired from Navy (2031) and running and owning a end care facility in San Diego, Ca as a PA. 3. WHY this is my goal for that timeframe.   – 5 year takes about 24-36 months to complete PA school and become certified. -10 year advance degree is completed after initial degree and I can serve in Navy until 33 year mark, I am currently at the 18 year mark. -20 year I will have completed my Naval service and be able to transition to civilian healthcare field.

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