what are the ethical and economical implications of commercial surrogacy in india?


The instructors assume that you know what academic literature is and how to find it (the library resources published on the eClass page will help you here).   The literature review consists of a summary of each piece of literature as they relate to your topic. Your aim is to convey the content of the literature and to determine how and why it is relevant to your research question. Do not summarise the whole source if parts of it are irrelevant to your paper. You should ignore parts which are not relevant to your research. If you find that only a small part of an article is relevant to your question, you should search for a different piece of academic literature.   Finding relevant literature often means reading something only to ascertain that it is not what you are looking for; do not settle on the first pieces of literature you find! To ascertain whether an article is relevant to your question, the abstract, introduction and conclusion are often good places to look initially.   Try to organise your literature review according to theme. For instance, if you are examining paid line-standing, you could organise the literature review into arguments in favour of paid queuing and arguments against. Or you might examine arguments which are relevant to the corruption critique and arguments which are relevant to the inequality critique of markets. These are only suggestions, and you should think carefully about how to organise the material in a logical way. You will have to do this in the final version of your research paper, so it is a good idea to do this in the literature review.   When you refer to your literature, whether quoting directly or paraphrasing, you must do so using the correct academic conventions. The full citations to the literature will be in a reference section at the end of the review.   The structure of the literature review should be as follows: (a) Title page with your name, student number and title of your research paper. (b) On the second page, under the heading “Literature Review”, you should summarise the four texts you choose in a maximum of 500 words.

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