what an episode on daily show then write a critical thinking based on rhetorical analysis


Everything in this world made by people is an argument, including Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show.” Watch an episode. Find something in that episode that attracts your attention.Provide me a link, so I can watch it, as well as the minutes when that event takes place. Find the main claim and the type of claim (fact, value, policy?), the support for that claim (irony, sarcasm, hyperbole? etc.) and the the assumption. (We’ll learn those next week.) Tell us if you find Noah’s text persuasive or not. Why? Apply Toulmin method to one of the segments from your episode (The author makes this type of claim, supports it with this type of rhetorical strategy; these are based on this assumption, etc.) Include discussion of at least one direct quotation presented in MLA format with a Work Cited at the end of the text

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