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Week 7 Project Close-out

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Your  project outcome is now known and you are to share your results with the  rest of the class. For this assignment, you are required to prepare a  final video presentation via Kaltura and Lessons Learned Report to share  with the class. Projects can teach many valuable lessons about teams  and processes over the life of a project. The Lessons Learned Report is  used to gather personal and team recommendations throughout and after a  project and can add value to the business by collecting this information  from all project stakeholders and participants. This information can be  leveraged to improve future project performance and risks. Project  lessons can either be positive or negative. Either way, reviewing this  information throughout the project and at project closure is  beneficial.

In your Close-out video, you will convey your project results.  Results should highlight the PMBOK areas covered as well as the unique  aspects uncovered during the execution of the project. It is expected  that the “What” was the outcome of your project will be covered in  addition to these questions being addressed:

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  • What did I do?
  • What did I learn?
  • Based on your observation of the project outcome, what recommendations would you have for a fellow project manager?
  • What were your Lessons Learned and how can they be leveraged for future projects?

Post your final presentation and Lesson Learned document (as a  PowerPoint or Word file) in this Discussion Board. All students are  expected to participate by providing feedback to three peers.

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