Web Development

Make a folder named firstname-lastname-a12.Create a simple odd even game.3.Make twoHTML files and save themwith the namesindex.htmland game.htmlwithin the firstname-lastname-a1folder.4.The <title>tagshouldread: Assignment 1for <Your Name>.5.Display the following information in <H1>tagas headingin the index.html page:Assignment 1Web ProgrammingYour FirstName Last Name6.Add a <hr>tag before and after the above heading.7.After the <hr>tag, display the game instructions on how to play the game.8.Add a start buttonor linkthat navigates the user to game.html9.On the game.html file, implement the game using JavaScript.10.Ask the user to choose thenumber using a prompt()dialog box.a.Get inputs for user’s turn. Usershould enter any number between1-9For e.g.2b.Keep asking the user their move if the user enters some invalid input.11.Then the computer chooses itsnumberrandomly and is displayed in an alert()dialog box.12.The result is displayed on the screen using alert()dialog box.13.The user should be asked using a confirm()dialog box if they want to play again, and a running score should be kept.14.If the user selects not to continue, display the final score of the user and the computer, andthe winner using alert()dialog box.15.Add anExit buttonor linkon game.html that navigates the user back to index.html.16.Add CSS.



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