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Students are to write a comparative essay on Great Expectations and MacBeth discussing how appearance and reality play a big role in both works of literature. Body paragraphs could best be tackled by considering the following three areas. One, how appearance and reality leads the main character to turn on those who love him most. Two, the main character is betrayed by the illusion of appearance. Three, the main character learns too late the cost of being fooled by appearance and is forced to accept the reality he ignored. Paragraph structure: Opening paragraph. First sentence: Should be a quote that deals with the idea of appearance vs. reality. It can be from either work of literature, but doesn’t have to be. Second sentence: Is a general linking sentence setting up the thesis. It can be as simple as saying something like, “the above quote clearly echoes the lessons of both MacBeth and Great Expectations. Third Sentence: Thesis statement. What is the thesis that you are going to prove in this essay. If you are stuck use the following. In both Great Expectations and MacBeth it is clear that appearance vs. reality play a large role in the main characters’ downfalls. Fourth Sentence: List your supporting arguments in the order you will be discussing them. For example, We can see this when we examine the role of appearance vs. reality in their betrayal of those they are close to, how it leads to their downfall and in how they learn the folly of their ways. Body Paragraph One: Begin with a topic sentence that mentions both the supporting argument you will be discussing in the paragraph and connects it back to the thesis. For example, One way that we can see how appearance and reality appears in both works can be seen in how their belief in illusion leads them to turn against those who care for them. Next: provide two examples from each work that this is true. Be sure to provide textual evidence for each claim in the form of quotes and detailed argumentation. This section should be between 8-12 sentences long. BE SURE TO USE TRANSITION WORDS BETWEEN EACH ARGUMENT SUCH AS FIRSTLY, SECONDLY, THIRDLY AND FINALLY Concluding sentence: This sentence recaps what you have argued and how it helps to illustrate your thesis. Body Paragraph Two: Same structure as above. Possible topic sentence could be…. It can also be seen when looking at both works that the main character is betrayed by appearances. Body Paragraph Three: Same as above again. Possible topic sentence could be… It can also be seen that the main character in each work learns too late the cost of living an illusion and is forced to face reality with no hope of undoing the damage he has caused. Concluding Paragraph: At this point you need to recap the essence of each paragraph in a short sentence, if possible and end with a restatement of your thesis. (You are proving that Appearance and Reality cause the downfall of both characters. You are proving this by discussing the three supporting arguments. P1: Find quotes and explain how these quotes prove that Macbeth and Pip turned on those they were closed to. P2: Find quotes and explain how these quotes prove that Macbeth and Pip were betrayed by the illusion of appearance. P3: Find quotes and explain how these quotes prove that Macbeth and Pip learn too late that they must accept the reality they have ignored. THIS IS ALL YOU MUIST DO. ANY OTHER DISCUSSIONS WEAKEN YOUR ESSAY. Follow structure I gave. Begin with a quote. Or if that is a quote give a citation. You need to focus on the main characters of Pip and Macbeth.)

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