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Chapter 4 describes the various methods advertisers use to segment and aggregate markets. Advertising success is not just about what you say, but also to whom you say it. Because no product or service pleases consumers, marketers need to select specific target markets that offer the greatest potential. They can then fine-tune their mix of marketing elements (the four Ps) to match the needs or wants of a specific target market. For this week’s discussion, imagine you are a marketer for a major brand of orange juice, and over the recent years, there has been a lot of competition in this product category.  Then think of how you can use usage rate variables segmentation as described in chapter 4 to broaden your product’s appeal. Broadening the appeal requires thinking about who currently uses the product, and determining a way to get more people to use the product OR people to use more of the product.  For your answer, be sure to read chapter 4 carefully and specifically Usage-Rate Segmentation. Usage situation segmentation is a specific segmentation variable. Do not, I repeat, do not discuss any promotional, pricing, distribution, or product changes without first clearly establishing usage situation segments. Age, gender, income (and other demographic), and/or geographic segments are not appropriate for this discussion.

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