Tonya Harding Life

Literacy Narrative
October 27, 2020
Writing Simple Instructions
October 27, 2020

Tonya Harding Life

After viewing the documentary on Tonya and Nancy please address the following in regards to culture and conflict in a 500 word reflective essay.  Be sure to address the following:

1-How did learning about this culture help you to understand the unique, yet interconnected definitions of culture, ethnicity, and diversity in the world of figure skating

2-How did this documentary help you in understanding the rich and complicated history of cultural diversity in the United States, including current demographics, and the impact that multicultural education, as a response to increasing diversity, may have on the future of education.

3-In what ways did this documentary help you to identify diverse values and assumption that create our experiences and attitudes toward others and ourselves?

4-How did the documentary help you to differentiate issues involved with the interaction of differing cultures and issues that arise when people from differing cultures interact from various perspectives?

5-How does the film help you to critically explore the history of racially oppressed groups in the US as a means of understanding the persistence of racism in the sport of figure skating?

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