To PROPOSE: put forward a plan

To PROPOSE: put forward a plan of action for consideration and potential adoption and implementation PROPOSAL: The actual PLAN Choosing your Research Proposal topic: (nota bene: I expect you to RESEAR

To PROPOSE: put forward a plan of action for consideration and potential adoption and implementation


Choosing your Research Proposal topic:

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(nota bene: I expect you to RESEARCH the basics of your proposal BEFORE proposing.  I don’t mind helping people with research if asked, but it bothers me and thus your grade if:

  1. I know more about the topic off the top of my head than you show in your proposal statement.  I don’t expect you to know everything yet, but you need to be familiar with the area.
  2. You pick something that is difficult to impossible to research.  It is a RESEARCH paper, if you can’t find data, it can’t be good.  SO do at least preliminary investigation.)

Pretend you are submitting a proposal/ballot initiative to to get enough signatures to be on the ballot in California. You are standing outside the Safeway getting people to sign.  You will need a clear statement of what the proposal does, so people can quickly figure out if they might be for it or not.  If it is confusing, they are unlikely to sign or vote for it if it does get on the ballot.

Need a simple introduction of the topic area (4-5 sentences) at this point.

Include a specific PROPOSAL STATEMENT bold type giving direction and amount.

IE, “My Proposal is to reform tax laws by decreasing tax rates by 12.5 % in the top income bracket to a new rate of 25%”.  I need to know HOW MUCH you are decreasing them to – what the NEW tax rate will be. Define the terms you use.  Vague proposals using vague terms will be marked down.

Answer ALL of the following IN the statement: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW?  A goal or objective is not a proposal.  You need to be clear on what actions will be taken to achieve the goal.

In addition to the statement itself, include information that a problem exists and requires a solution by government action.

Make sure you have a clear proposal statement that starts essentially:”This is a proposal to…”

(SUBMIT the precise statement IN BOLD TYPE)

You are welcome to email if you have other questions about how you should approach your project. keep in mind, OUR GOAL IS TO SOLVE PROBLEMS, NOT MAKE THEM WORSE, OR SIMPLY FLIP THE SIDES.  I want you try to find a compromise position that could at least POTENTIALLY be acceptable to both sides. For example, “ban allabortion”, or “make all abortion legal” are NOT good ideas. As soon as it passes the losing group will initiate legislation to reverse it. CAN YOU find something that takes us from the fruitless discussions of the last 40 years? This is why a good abstract is important. Can you evaluate the topic area in a way that you understand and can argue for BOTH sides? Understanding that, can YOU find a solution?

In this sense, I don’t want the bill to simply be what YOU think the law should be. That’s the starting point. From there, and based on that, I want you to try to discover what might be an effective, enforceable, workable law or a proposal for governmental action for ALL 330 million Americans.

Having trouble picking a topic?  Think back to your PEW/Compass/Isidewith survey answers and find something that was important to you, but that is not the way it is currently being done by our government.  Then try to come up with a solution.

You may pick ANY ONE level of government you choose, from Federal down to state or local, even Solano College

But it must be clear WHO (at what level will your policy be implemented?).

Your ideas should be at least defensibly Constitutional.

If they are not, I will not like them, and/or part of your proposal should be to amend the Constitution to allow it.

BE PRECISE with your Proposal.  Tell me EXACTLY/SPECIFICALLY what action you are proposing to do.

This is NOT a paper to “talk about” an issue, or explore possible paths. For example: Bad – “Lets talk about speed limits and traffic fatalities”   Good: “This is a proposal to decrease speed limits on all interstate highways to 35mph.”  The reader should know exactlywhat the new law/regulation/policy will be if they support your proposal.  Define terms IN YOUR TOPIC SELECTION submission.  Do NOT assume everyone has the same idea of what something means.

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