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Research Paper on “The biblical truths obeyed and disobeyed within the HOME of Hosea and Gomer” this is for my “Marriage and Family Counseling” class at the Seminary I attend 4. Research Paper The student will write a 15-page paper (not including the Index or Bibliography) highlighting the biblical truths obeyed or disobeyed within the home of Hosea and Gomer. 1. The student is to use 10 sources that are referred to throughout the paper. 2. The paper is to be written in the accepted formal style of MBU. 3. Identify the scriptural issues. 4. Identify solutions found within the book of Hosea. 5. Identify potential parenting needs and patterns which should be applied in nurturing the children. 6. Identify your approach to counseling this dysfunctional home. 7. Identify any evident root causes. 8. Identify any spiritual issues which are applied to the nation of Israel which can be applied to the potential breakdown and help of this home. 9. The conclusion of this paper should include several common counseling patterns which you would use in counseling this couple which could be applied to present day family/marriage counseling. 10. Utilize the requirements within the rubric as a guide for the paper 11. Due Date: April 5, 2021 The last section of the paper will • Identify the prescribed biblical applications to this issue • Present practical directives to be given in the counseling sessions. • Identify the written sources he/she would assign as homework to the counselees • Identify scripture passages relating to the problem that the counselee would be advised to memorize. The paper should include a bibliography with at least 10 sources that are quoted or referred to in the paper. A source must appear within a footnote to be counted as a source. Footnotes are to be used, not endnotes. Continuous writing is expected – not ¼ to ½ pages at the end of a topic and then trying to count them as part of the 15-page paper. ____ Suggested Topics (These topics are not applicable to Spring 2021 semester): Rebellious and/or runaway children Blended families (stepparents, stepchildren) Childless marriages (including adoption, etc.) Family finances (bankruptcy, budgets, etc.) Singleness: blessing from God or curse? Biblical communication in the marriage Spousal or child abuse Sibling rivalry Male leadership in the home The submission of a wife in the home Married to a spouse who has proposed divorce Married to a spouse who has gotten involved with someone else Married to a spouse who holds grudges Married to a spouse with depression, so is it wise to continue?

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