The Source Blending Assignment

Using another way to present my sentences but do not change the meaning. make as much change as you can
October 24, 2020
Considering Audience and Purpose
October 24, 2020

The Source Blending Assignment

The Source Blending Assignment

Now that we have conquered in-text citation in the citation practice (documentation), we need to take the next step and work on building better use of sources within your writing (implementation). This is know as “blending,” which means to insert a quotation from a primary or secondary source into your own writing within a sentence. This is how citations need to be implemented in college level writing.

For this assignment, you will take the three (3) examples below and fix each to properly blend the quote into the larger chunk of writing (I would suggest creating a paragraph, but you could also rewrite them as individual sentences). Please add your three (3) fixed examples with a proper MLA header and send to my school account ([email protected]) by 2359 by May 28th. Like your citation practice, you will have until July 15th at 2359 to properly revise this assignment.

Please name your file sum16_eng101170_yourlastnamelowercase_sourceblend

If you are having trouble, check outProfessor Gazarra’s page about source blending, which should be helpful.

1. Nelson agrees with this. “The movie is even worse because of the poor special effects” (567).

2. The movie is a truly bad film. “Corbett notes that it gives him psychical pain to think about it” (421).

3. Murphy has long been on record as hating the film the most. A longtime film critic who has written a few books about cinema. “I hate that film the most” (23).

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