The Seagull Act 1 Questions

The Seagull Act 1 Questions

Highlight the answer in Blue

1. What color does Masha dress in? a) White. b) Black. c) Blue. d) Orange.

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2. What does Masha say happiness does not depend on? a) Riches. b) Poverty. c) Love. d) Family.

3. What kind of people does Masha think are often happy? a) Poor people. b) Married couples. c) Children. d) Rich people.

4. What can Masha not return to Medviedenko? a) His affection. b) His hate. c) His wallet. d) His keys.

5. How does Masha describe the air? a) Sultry. b) Seething. c) Cool. d) Violent.

6. What does Sorin use to walk? a) A walker. b) A cane. c) A bannister. d) A plank.

7. What does Sorin want Masha’s father to leave unchained? a) The cat. b) The dog. c) The bull. d) The duck.

8. What does the dog so when it is chained up? a) Sniffles. b) Whines. c) Barks. d) Howls.

9. Who does Sorinn say was unable to sleep during the night? a) His sister. b) Himself. c) His brother. d) His nephew.

10. What will happen at 8.30 pm? a) The play will start. b) The guests will arrive. c) Dinner will be served. d) The play will finish.

11. Who does Treplieff not want to be late? a) Simon. b) Masha. c) Nina. d) Peter.

12. Who does Trepleff say watches Nina closely? a) Her father and sister. b) Her cousins. c) Her brothers. d) Her stepmother and father.

13. Who does Sorin say has never liked him? a) Men. b) Dogs. c) Children. d) Women.

14. What kind of life does Treplieff think his mother leads? a) A fun life. b) A stupid life. c) An ugly life. d) A serious life.

15. What does Treplieff say frightens his mother to death? a) The cinema. b) The magazines. c) The theater. d) The newspapers.

16. What is Treplieff’s mother’s job? a) A waitress. b) A writer. c) A singer. d) An actress.

17. What does Treplieff wish his mother was? a) A serious woman. b) A lucky woman. c) A fun loving woman. d) An ordinary woman.

18. What does Treplieff say he would be if his mother was an ordinary woman? a) A lucky man. b) A rounded man. c) A happier man. d) A serious man.

19. What does Treplieff say sometimes speaks in his heart? a) Love. b) Bill. c) Egoism. d) Hatred.

20. Why is Nina late? a) She had to stay back at school. b) She was ill. c) She had to beg her father to let her come. d) She has hurt her foot,

21. What have Nina’s mother and stepfather gone out to do? a) Walk. b) Drive. c) Run. d) Cycle.

22. Who does Treplieff say he loves? a) Nina. b) His mother. c) Masha. d) Peter.

23. Who does Nina say writes beautiful stories? a) Sorin. b) Peter. c) Simon. d) Trigorin.

24. Why is Treplieff’s play so hard to act in? a) It has to be performed in the dark. b) It has no living characters. c) It is cliched. d) The dialogue is hard to speak

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