The negative impact regarding the use of plastic on the Saudi environment


Instructions mentioned in the guideline

Assignment 1-10%

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Research Proposal/prospectus



The following piece of info should appear on a cover page:


Title of your topic?

Your name?

Your ID#

Comm 1312: Writing and Research

Section #

Assignment 1: Research Proposal



Submit a research proposal/prospectus that includes the following parts/sections:


Research Topic

(Put the title of you specific topic here)


  1. Introduction


Write at least 3 short paragraphs to provide your reader with a brief background about your



  1. Research Questions (at least 3 research questions)


First, you should state your main argument in a statement format. Second, state at least three research questions that would help you to prove/investigate your argument. The three research questions should be used to defend/support your argument.


  1. Research Thesis


This should be an estimated guess/answer to your research questions based on your own opinion, experience and knowledge.


  1. Research Importance


Mention at least 3 reasons that explain the importance of your research and its benefit. This should be about the overall benefits of your research.


  1. Methodology

It should outline the methods you will use to answer your questions (how you will collect data and/or information and how you will analyze it).

-you should provide a sample of questionnaire/survey/interview questions/observation questions (preliminary one).

-mention 3 basic resources that will help you start your project, and briefly point out the relevant information that you will use from such resources.


  1. Important Definitions: Provide definitions for all key words.


  1. Preliminary Bibliography


List at least 10 preliminary references that are relevant to your research project. Arrange them alphabetically. Your references should include academic journal articles and academic books, and internet websites (.org, .edu., and .gov).




  • Review the slides to get further explanations for each of the sections.
  • Also, check the research proposal samples provided on blackboard.
  • Make sure you submit your proposal on blackboard and visa email, and a hard copy in class.
  • Points will be deducted for failure to submit in class and on BlackBoard


Warning: Failure to turn in your assignment on time will cause lose points. 5 points will be deducted from each late day.




Introduction 5 points
Research Questions 5 points
Research Thesis 5 points
Research Importance 5 points
Methodology 5 points
Important Definitions 5 points
Preliminary Bibliography 5 points
Mechanics and Writing style 15 points
Total 50 points/5%




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