The last islamic empires


Proof-reading checklist Brief  Re-read the assignment brief and check the essay has met the brief.  Rephrase the essay title as a question – check that your essay answers this question.  Check the essay against the essay plan created at the beginning of the assignment. Style  Check that your essay is clearly legible – 12 point Times New Roman or similar, double spaced, printed in black ink on single sides of white A4 paper.  Check that pages are numbered.  Check that all quotes are properly referenced.  Check each reference against the bibliography (using a highlighter is helpful).  Check that the word count/page length is within the specified assignment length.  Use a spelling and grammar check and ask a parent or friend to read the work for sense and logic. This is not cheating – everyone should do it.  Check that all acronyms are explained.  Check that there *aren’t* any contractions.  Avoid the passive tense. If a sentence makes sense when followed with ‘by zombies’ then it is in the passive tense. E.g.: The passive tense should be avoided. Content  On drafts, use colouring pencils to highlight each separate point that you make or each different strand of your argument and then group material together by colour. A paragraph should have a single colour but your introduction and conclusion should have stripes.  Write a note in the margin to identify the main point you have made in each paragraph.  Check that each paragraph follows logically from the one before.  Check that the introduction of the essay sets out your argument/critical stance and shows the reader where the essay will ‘go’.  Check that your essay deals with all the things you promised it would in the introduction.  Check the conclusion includes/draws on all the main arguments in the essay and shows how these arguments have allowed you to answer the essay question.  Check that there is no new material in the conclusion.  Check any notes provided by teaching staff to ensure all relevant material is included.  Consider any instructions given by teaching staff in lectures – have they said they are looking for a particular kind of essay? Corrections and Feedback  If the essay has been returned for correction check that you have dealt with all the comments and made all suggested amendments.  Check that you have taken feedback from earlier assignments into consideration. For this first writing assignment, I would like you to make an argument for the impact or influence that occurred as a result of the cross-cultural exchange between the early modern Islamic Empires; ideas for elements you might examine include: governmental or political exchange, religious exchange, economic, social, environmental, intellectual (philosophical or “academic”), or cultural exchange (this might include art, literature, architecture, music, and so on). You need only choose ONE element of society to compare between and analyze for TWO of the Islamic Empires (Ottomans, Safavids, Mughals). The point of this exercise is to shed light on the effects of cross-cultural exchange between similar but largely diverse groups. Once you determine the aspect you want to examine, you will need to gather sources. In addition to the Source Assignments covering Section I, there are some additional sources and resources provided below. This is not at all comprehensive. There are many online resources related to these Islamic Empires. You need to develop and practice your research skills (especially for writing assignment #2). The longest lasting Empire was the Ottomans (1299 – 1923 AD) but since you need to compare two of the three, you will need to examine a narrower period of time in which they overlap. The Mughals were established in 1526 (the earliest overlapping start date) and the Safavids fell by 1736 (the latest overlapping end date). In other words, your period has a forced limitation of between 1526 – 1736 AD. Even this however is likely too long an expanse of time and you will probably need to narrow it further. You are attempting to track cross-cultural influence. A good place to start is to ask where contact between your chosen two empires was made, thus resulting in cultural exchange? The ways in which societies come together might include trade and warfare (these are the most common), but also peace treaties, marriage alliances, intellectual exchange (ambassadors, travelling intellects, students), or the forced movement of people (for example as a result of warfare). There are likely more – be creative!   Please make sure you not only describe what exchange is happening, but you must also assess how and why it is happening (this is a product of your analysis of the primary source materials) as well as the significance of these changes and the reasons for them. You should be trying to argue for a considerable impact (or possibly a lack thereof) of some element of exchange and why that might be the case. For example, “As a result of trade, intellectual ideas [such as …] were exchanged between [group 1 and group 2] in part because of [this is where you insert your argument for how they were exchanged]. The significance of this exchange resulted [this is where you insert your argument for the outcome/impact].  Note, this is not a formula, just an example of how you can frame this research. Remember, your argument is based upon your analysis of the primary sources (meaning those contemporary to the period). I cannot tell you what to argue; that can only derive from your close reading of the materials.   MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (I check these first, so please meet them): ·      Word count: minimum 1500 words EXCLUDING footnotes. ·      You are REQUIRED to follow the writing and citation guidelines provided. History courses use Chicago Style formatting. Please review ‘Quick Reference Guide.’   SOURCE REQUIREMENTS: Both primary and secondary sources are required for this assignment. WEBSITES AS SECONDARY SOURCES ARE PROHIBITED UNLESS APPROVED BY ME FIRST. Those listed below can either lead you to primary sources (which you are free to use from web sources) or to further reading suggestions.   Your Final Submission is due by/on Friday 5 Feb. It is worth 100 points!     Some Additional Sources and Resources:   Ottomans:     Safavids: Useful bibliography:     Mughals: Useful bibliography:

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