Technical Appendix after course work


Human Factor Methods Course:  Book: Human factors methods : a practical guide for engineering and design / Neville A. Stanton [and five others]. All students are required to produce a Technical Appendix. It should contain the following: ·       A title page (including your name and other details); ·       A one page summary briefly detailing the methods performed and main outcomes achieved; ·       Individual sections neatly and clearly presenting the workings and results of the individual problem-based questions, and the two additional methods you have chosen; ·       A brief explanation of why you chose your selected ‘two additional methods’; ·       Your raw method workings can, and should, be supplemented with appropriate commentary where necessary to explain any assumptions made, specific techniques used, problems encountered etc. The outcome of these guidelines should be a Technical Appendix that is easy for the reader to navigate through and understand. There is no word or page limit, but any commentary or narrative which supplements the analysis workings should be brief and to the point. Assessment: Critique of Two Further Methods By now you should have completed a HTA, SHERPA, HAZOP, THEA, HEART, AH and ACCIMAP of the Texas City Oil Refinery Explosion. You now have to: ·       provide a critique of what these methods offer (and don’t offer) to the given problem; and ·       select two further methods from these materials and/or the course text and provide a reflection on how you would apply them, why you have chosen them, what insights you might hope to gain, and some awareness of methods integration. To reiterate, you do not have to actually perform these two additional methods, your task is to provide a reflection on what ones you would choose and why.

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