Teaching tool for preventing medication errors

Define the teaching/learning need.
2. Describe how you
a. identified the teaching/learning need
b. assessed the scope and breadth of the teaching/learning need
3. Explain the teaching/learning tool development and the rationale for its creation.
4. Explain and identify the use of scientific literature to support your development decisions. (Be very thorough)
5. Assess how well your project was received and its suitability for future use and/or revision. Integrate the nursing interventions of
a. communication
b. teaching
6. Reflect on this teaching/learning process from inception of idea to delivery of content. Integrate the concepts of
a. collaboration,
b. conceptualization
c. critical thinking.
1. Write a succinct conclusion and indicate your take away from the experience and ideas for further use (are there revisions that would enhance the tool, is there a better means to use the tool?)

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