Tax Research Paper


Tax Research Paper Choose a topic related to individual taxation that we did not cover in class. You should incorporate primary references (such as the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and court decisions). The paper is to include a Title Page, Introduction, Headings throughout the paper, Conclusion, and a Bibliography at the end of the paper. The body of the paper is to be between 5 to 10 pages, not counting the Title Page and Bibliography. Use one inch margins at the top, bottom, and each side. Use 12 point Times New Roman font type and double space the paper. Place examples in the paper to demonstrate points made. Also, try to incorporate tax-planning ideas. Your referenced material should be attached to the research memo. Your research must include primary sources (for example: Internal Revenue Code, court cases, etc.) Do not include long quotations from the Code, Regulations, Revenue Rulings, or court cases. If copies of any of the preceding are important, attach them at the end of the paper as an exhibit and do not count the copy as part of the 5-10 page requirements. Your research should also include findings from secondary sources (such as articles written on the topic, textbook, etc.). Make sure that you have thorough coverage on your selected topic. Choose a specific topic for the paper. For example, a paper on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is not acceptable. The following is a list of approved topics, you may choose from. If you wish write about a topic that is not on the list, you may do so, but please check with me ahead of time. Approved Topics for Research Papers Tax Planning for a College Education Using a Code Section 529 Plan Gifts vs. Compensation Compensatory Stock Options Excess Executive Compensation Employee vs. Independent Contractor Alternative Minimum Tax The Kiddie Tax The Net Investment Income Tax Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts Hobby Loss Rules Passive Activity Loss Rules Innocent Spouse Relief Charitable Contribution to Private Foundations or Donor Advised Funds Taxation of Structured Settlements Deductibility of Interest Expense Retirement Assets in Divorce

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