Supply Chain Project


For the discussion read as much as you can of the first two parts of the required textbook by Edgar Schein. For the written assignment, please read everything specified here:

Part One: Defining the Structure of Culture Part Two: What Leaders Need to Know About Macro Cultures Watch the Ted Talk presentation. 2. Drawing upon Schein’s first two parts of the Schein book (or at least as much as you are able to read prior to this discussion), paying particular attention to the three levels of cultural analysis, discuss: The reasons that organizational culture is often so complex. The problems that this complexity can cause for organizational leaders. (I don’t want you to force this issue but, if you can, connect what you know about organizational culture with confusion over motivation that Daniel Pink’s Ted talk refers to). How that which you have read so far can help to explain dissonance and confusion in public policy, say, immigration policy or welfare.

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