Study of Dance

Principles of Brain-Compatible Dance Education: Identify under each section of the lesson plan which brain-compatible principles are supported.
Detailed Activities: Describe each activity in detail. Cite activities you are using or borrowing from the Gilbert or other sources. In one activity in each lesson plan identify possible adaptations or modifications you could provide to support differentiation (how could you simplify or increase the difficulty of the activity based on student needs?)
Scripting: Under each activity description include everything you would say to students to introduce the activity. Also include examples of scripted verbal cues you could use during the activity to support student learning and participation.
Musical Accompaniment: Outline all music or accompaniment that will be utilized for each activity in the lesson plan. Please include song name, artist, and album.
Teaching Resources: Outline all teaching resources (visual aids, props, equipment, etc.) that will be utilized for each activity. Include any of visual aids as appendices.
Boundaries: Identify all spacing and verbal boundaries you will set up to ensure student safety.
Management: Identify any specific management strategies (e.g. transitions, focusing cues, etc.) you can use to prevent/limit potential behavior problems that could arise.
Format: Typed/ Word processed, font size 12. Please ensure your name and studen

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