Strategic Planning

Craig Response Assignment
November 13, 2020
Literary Essay Assignment
November 13, 2020

Strategic Planning

Assignments: Each part must be 250 words and clearly labeled

Part 1: 

Strategic Planning Process

In your own words, define strategic planning and explain why it is crucial to an organization’s survival. In your response, include a description of how strategic planning differs from strategic management. Lastly, explain how your current or previous organization’s strategy might influence its business model.

Part 2:

Problems with Strategic Planning

After reading the article “UPS holiday season fiasco: a failure of strategic planning .,” describe where the problem was with UPS’ and FedEx’s strategic planning. How did the fear of losing market share affect their strategic planning? What are potential solutions? 


Banker, S. (2013, December 30). UPS holiday season fiasco: A failure of strategic planning. Forbes. Retrieved from

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