Sport and Exercise Psychology



1 Analyse the evidence related to the cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes of physical activity participation.

2 Design theory and evidence-based interventions that will promote adoption and adherence to exercise.

3 Assess the influences of psychological factors on participant experiences and performance in sport.

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4 Critically evaluate how psychological strategies can be implemented to enhance sporting performance and increase exercise adherence throughout the lifespan

An Introduction to this Unit

This unit explores psychological factors that affect sport performance (e.g., self-efficacy and concentration), psychological factors that predict and increase participation in physical activity (e.g., motivation), and psychological outcomes of physical activity (e.g., mental health, resilience, and cognitive development). Students will examine theory and research and draw upon their own experiences, to apply sport and exercise psychology principles to a variety of real-world scenarios, and design strategies relevant to different contexts such as physical education, personal training, exercise physiology, coaching, and health promotion.

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