SITHKOP005 Assessment 1 – Case Study


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SITHKOP005 Assessment 1 – Case Study

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Case study

You are the head chef of VIT café and have an upcoming event that you need to prepare for.

The function is for the graduation dinner for 80 students (80 Pax) who have just completed their Diploma in Hospitality. This function will be occurring in spring time in November.

Before you start preparing for this function you have a meeting with the event coordinator to finalise the client’s requirements.

The details for the event are as follows:

▪ A Table d’hôte menu which will include an assortment of: 3 x canapes, 3 x entrées, 3 x mains

▪ Ending with a dessert Buffet which must include at least five different dessert items.

The event coordinator has had requests for the following dietary requirements which need to be covered

at least once in each course:

▪ Gluten free (1 canape,1 entrée,1 main)

▪ Halal (1 canape,1 entrée,1 main)

▪ Vegan (1 canape,1 entrée,1 main)

Part 1:

  1. Your 1st task is to write the menu then include a recipe card for each menu item ensuring you cover the above dietary requirements. (Total of 14 recipes)

You need to ensure that the nutritional value, seasonality, variety of foods and cookery methods are taken into consideration when you compile your menu.

You have a look in your cool room, freezer and dry store to find inspiration for what to put on your menu.

You find the following ingredients that you want to include in your recipes to minimise wastage, reduce your costs and increase your profit margins.

  1. You will need to create a stock take sheet that records any stock you already have on hand.


Dry Store Cool Room Freezer
3kg bag of couscous 1 bag of 5kg onions 5 litres if vanilla ice cream
1 bag of 5kg onions 3 x 3.5 kg of tomato puree 5 kg of flathead fillets
3 x 3.5 kg of tomato puree 3 kg of Mozzarella cheese 5 kg of eye fillet already portioned into 220g steaks.
1 kg bag of black pepper 5 litres of thickened cream 5 kg of chicken fillets
5 kg of chicken breast
3kg bag of couscous 1* 2kg box of baby spinach


  1. Once you have worked out the menu items you will need to decide on the appropriate foodproduction system required for each recipe and list why it is suitable?

(You must use all of the food production systems listed below in the case study at least once)

Your menu will include a combination of following food production systems:

  1. Bulk cooking operations
  2. Buffet
  3. Fresh cooked items

Part 2:

As the head chef of the VIT café you required to design and develop the following forms/documents for the upcoming event:

You will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Ordering sheets for each supplier you need to order from.
  2. Calculations of total food quantities required for ordering for this function
  3. Food preparation list for the whole function
  4. Required tools and equipment needed checklist.

Part 3: (Day of the event)

For running the event you will need to create the following documents for the day of the event:

  1. List the number of staff required to run the operation on the day and their respective positions and sections within the kitchen brigade (including specific titles)
  2. Mise en place list for each section of the kitchen. (Canapes, Entrée, Mains, Dessert Buffet)
  3. Kitchen work flow schedule for the entire kitchen on the day of the function making sure all sections are ready following the running schedule below.
  4. Include in your time schedule that you are ready for service and a debrief session at 6:00pm.

Function Running Schedule:

6:00 – Debriefing session

7:30 – Guests arrive canapé service begins

8:00 – Guests are seated

8:15 – Entrée served

8:35 – Entrée cleared

8:45 – Main course served

9:10 – Main cleared

9:20 – Speech/Presentation

9:45 – Dessert Buffet set up

10:15 – Coffee/tea

11:00 – pack down/Bump out

Before you submit your assessment have you made sure you have included the following documents 

▪ Menu’s attached

▪ Selected standard recipes attached (Minimum 14)

▪ Stock sheets attached

▪ Ordering Sheets attached for suppliers

▪ Food calculations for ordering attached

▪ Work flow schedule attached

▪ Food preparation list attached

▪ Mise en place plan attached


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