Should eyewitness testimony alone be able to convict a person to prison for a life sentence? The reliability of eyewitness testimony. Do eyewitnesses provide accurate testimony? Should their statements be allowed in court?


Please write your paper in TNR, 12-point font, double spaced, one-inch margins. The paper should be in proper APA format, with citations and references included throughout. This portion of the research presentation should be: Introduction – Minimum 100 words and Maximum 150 words (does not include references) Literature Review – Minimum 650 words and Maximum 750 words (does not include references)  If you don’t meet the word requirements, an automatic 10 point reduction will be applied. References must be included on a new page and should meet the requirements of APA format. Please note that you are NOT allowed to include quotes in this section of the paper – no matter how short they might be. If you choose to quote material anyway, there will a 2-point deduction per quote. All material in the literature review must be properly cited in APA format. I want to see your words, not those of another author.

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