Self Reflection-CAPSTONE Topic


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon specific areas of focus within your own scope of work/practice that you would to investigate further. Your area of focus may be at the classroom level, grade level, specific content area, school-wide focus, content specific, etc.The sky is the limit. In general, conducting research is much more meaningful when it is relevant to your practice.  For this assignment, respond fully to each of the numbered & bulleted  items listed below. Use this reflective activity to help you determine your action research study topic. 1. Provide an overview of your current professional work assignment.  2. What are three challenges/barriers that you and/or your colleagues are facing related to your work?  3. Reflect upon each of these challenges by providing an overview of each of the challenges, what questions might be addressed in an action research study, and how each of the challenges are related to your practice. 4. As you reflect upon each of these challenges, respond to the following questions, ·         Which of these will topics is most relevant and will likely impact my own practice (and/or education at large) most? ·         In which of these topics am I most interested? 5. If you have determined your topic, area of focus, etc. for this action research study, provide an overview of the research you plan to conduct. If you are still unsure of your topic for the Capstone project, what questions do you have? How can I be of help to you in making this decision?   My “brainstorming” CAPSTONE topic-Tweet it as you see fit: The effects of implementing differentiated instruction in the general curriculum to support students with disabilities. Exploring the aspects of differentiation General Education Teacher routinely collaborating with Special Education Teachers to reach the common goal of mastery for students with disabilities…

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