Rise of New World Civilizations

Comparisons: The following questions ask you to compare distances between Andean sites andcultures with some distances between Winnipeg and other Canadian cities. When asked to identify thekind of topography, be general, e.g., “lots of mountains” or “flat plains”; do NOT identify every river,mountain, valley, etc.! And don’t concern yourself with the fact that people can walk more directly thansome road routes allow. (30 points)a.The distance between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay, Ontario is 597 km straight and 691 km byroad. Compare the Winnipeg-Thunder Bay distances with the distances between Nazca andChavín (question 2h above, both straight and land). What kinds of topography exist between thetwo sets of locations? 10 pointsb. According to Google Maps, the distance between Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie is 85 km –both straight and on land – and takes 17 hours to walk the distance (@ 5 km/hr).The distance between the city of Huaraz, Ancash, Peru and Chavín de Huántar is 39 km straightand 104 km by road. The land travel distances are comparable, but what accounts for thedifferences in the straight line distances between the two sets of locations? Do you think it’spossible to walk between Huaraz and Chavín de Huántar in 21 hrs (104 km / 5 km = 20.8)?Why or why not? 10 pointsc.The distance between Winnipeg and Invermere, BC is 1547 km by road. Compare this to theroad distance between Moche Culture (Trujillo, Peru) and Cuzco, Peru (2b, above). What is thesame or different about the topography between the two sets of cities, one set in Canada and theother set in Peru?

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