Retention in the National Guard


You will write 5-page single spaced memo by February 3 discussing an organizational problem you have observed, which could include a work, social, or school organization. This paper will count for 10% of your grade. Your paper should be in memo format (with TO (me), FROM (you), the DATE, and RE (what you are discussing). Your memo must include • a one-paragraph executive summary; • a brief background section that describes the organization and the problem you are analyzing; • an analysis section that identifies the cause(s) of the problem, which may include communication, leadership, organizational structure, and/or resources; • A conclusion and recommendations section that presents your overall conclusions and recommendations for addressing the organizational problem. Your memo will be graded based on the following criteria: Does your memo include a background section that adequately reflects the situation facing the organizations? Is your assessment of the situation complete and persuasive? Are your recommendations reasonable, appropriate, practical, and likely to resolve the situation? Is your memo well-written, including consideration of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing flow? Does your memo cite appropriate sources using APA style?

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