Retail and Manufacturing Logistics

You are required to research and prepare an essay in response to the following:

1.Compare and contrast the inventory challenges associated with traditional store formats and   E-Retailing within the UK grocery market in light of recent volatility in demand and consumer buying patterns.

  1.   Evaluate the relative merits of competing distribution networks in response to these changes in consumer demand from both retailer and manufacturing perspectives.

Task specific guidance:

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-You should demonstrate an understanding of the contemporary issues facing retailers and manufacturers and their logistics.

-Your answer should be supported with appropriate evidence from textbooks, journal articles, market data, or on-line materials.

-You should present a reasoned argument using both theory and practical evidence, as expected for final year study.

-The assignment should be written in essay format with the two questions clearly identified. Section headings may be added.

-Aim to meet the word count for each section as closely as possible.

General study guidance:

  • Cite all information used in your work which is clearly from a source. Try to ensure that all sources in your reference list are seen as citations in your work, and all names cited in the work appear in your reference list.
  • Reference and cite your work in accordance with the APA 7th system – the University’s chosen referencing style.
  • Do not exceed the word limit.

Assessment criteria

  • The Assessment Criteria are shown the end of this document.  Your tutor will discuss how your work will be assessed/marked and will explain how the assessment criteria apply to this piece of work.  These criteria have been designed for your level of study.
  • These criteria will be used to mark your work and will be used to support the electronic feedback you receive on your marked assignment. Before submission, check that you have tried to meet the requirements of the higher-grade bands to the best of your ability. Please note that the marking process involves academic judgement and interpretation within the marking criteria.
  • The Learning Innovation Development Centre can help you to understand and use the assessment criteria.

Learning Outcomes

This section is for information only.

The assessment task outlined above has been designed to address specific validated learning outcomes for this module. It is useful to keep in mind that these are the things you need to show in this piece of work.

  1.  Have an understanding of the structure of the retail industry and the potential impacts of the concentration of the market at both store and manufacturing levels.
  2.  Have an understanding of the increased pressures being forced on suppliers and distributors to provide the improved serviceability and efficiency demanded by both retailers and customers.
  3.  Have an appreciation of the technologies available and how these may be used by retailers and manufacturers in the future.

4.Assess the logistics requirements for different retail markets.

  1. Compare and contrast the relative merits of competing distribution network and system solutions from both retailer and manufacturing perspectives.

Please note these learning outcomes are not additional questions.

These criteria are intended to help you understand how your work will be assessed.  They describe different levels of performance of a given criteria.

Criteria are not weighted equally, and the marking process involves academic judgement and interpretation within the marking criteria.

The grades between Pass and Very Good should be considered as different levels of performance within the normal bounds of the module.  The Exceptional and Outstanding categories allow for students who, in addition to fulfilling the Excellent requirements, perform at a superior level beyond the normal boundaries of the module and demonstrate intellectual creativity, originality and innovation.

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