research proposal on abortion


This will be three or more complete paragraphs describing (in complete sentences) the topic and question presented in the Summary, the historical/cultural research you will pursue (who, what, when, where), and your hypothesis – i.e., what you expect will be the answer(s) to your question (this may change as you research more, and that’s fine). Ideally, this will largely reword your Summary assignment, but you will also need to have done some initial research by this point to familiarize yourself generally with your topic and to see whether research material is likely to be available. Identify any specific sources from which you are already working. Be as specific as you possibly can at this point. Give your best sense of your research project so far. (Requirements: at least 3 full paragraphs, 1 source minimum). APA citation and formatting are expected & make sure your sources are valid sources or accredited news sources.

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