Reconstruction Chapter 15) to the Empire era (Chapter 19). Essay about “blessings of liberty”


Your professor is a person who has a basic knowledge of U.S. history and is not an expert about the subject.  I do not believe that the United States has successfully provided the “Blessings of Liberty” to its people from Reconstruction (Chapter 15) to the Empire era (Chapter 19). You, as an expert of U.S. history, must write a formal report using four pieces evidence from our readings to convince me otherwise.   Your essays will need to include a thesis statement that addresses the question and incorporate a minimum of four pieces of evidence to support your answer.  You must use sources from multiple weeks of the course to answer the prompt. For example, you cannot just use Chapter 15 from Week 1 for this essay or only Turner’s Frontier Thesis. Instead, you need to use different sources from different Modules.  Your textbook must account for at least two of your pieces of evidence. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.  USE OF OUTSIDE SOURCES WILL RESULT IN SEVERE PENALTIES.  You will need to cite your work in Chicago Manual Style and include a bibliography at the end of your essay (Hint: your bibliography will consist only of the textbook and secondary readings on Canvas).   You will submit your essay to me via Canvas. I will let you know where the link is and how to do that through an announcement. Suggested Workflow 1-Chose to answer question one OR question two. 2-Create a thesis (argument) to support your answer to the chosen question. 3-Locate evidence from our readings to support your thesis (argument). 4-Write your report.  First, make sure that the thesis is located in the introduction.  Next, make sure that you have assigned each piece of evidence its own paragraph, which will be located in the essay’s body.  Your evidence paragraphs will also contain your report’s citations. Lastly, write your report’s conclusion.  Your report’s introductions and conclusions will each be a single paragraph. 5-Proofread and review your report for mistakes.  You can, and should, have others proofread it as well. 6-Submit report.

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