Question 2b) Explain your answer based on the following statement:

Question 2b) Explain your answer based on the following statement:

Question 2 According to Libby (1981), in most decision making situations, judgement Required: about environment must be made in the absence of direct contact with the event to be judged. In such circumstances, “most likely” judgements are formed on (a)the basis of information cue whose relationships to the event are imperfect orprobabilistic. That is judgements and decisions are made under conditions ofuncertainty about the relationships between cues and events. The model below is Brunswick Lens Model which portrays the decision making process under uncertainty ie. the graduate business school admissiondecision. (13) Refer to the diagram, explain how a decision-making process occurredin recruiting a suitable candidate tojoin a program and ultimate completethe study. Your explanation refers to: – the decision made with subject separate by time. (4 marks)- the decision making process times with multiple overlapping cueswhich are imperfect predictors where probabilistically combine these cues to form a judgment occurs. (9 marks)- decision making under uncertainty involves judgmental achievement.(8 marks) Explain your answer based on the following statement: “If the results of behavioural research indicate that a particular accounting-related information item (cue) is not used by individualswhen making decisions. should this be grounds for the accounting profession to conclude that such information is not material andtherefore does not warrant the related development of mandatorydisclosure requirements”. (9 marks)

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