Watch the video and answer:

The theme for the week is sustainable agriculture so it might seem strange to watch a video about recycling for your board post. However, typical supermarkets in the USA are largely designed to have items with maximum shelf life. Those items also tend to be sold in packaging that persists for decades into the future. This above video highlights some of the positive aspects of recycling but many food packaging material does not get recycled for various reasons. Please answer ONE of the following two questions. Once you make your post, you will then be able to see the posts from your peers!

1) In a typical week, where to you think most of your waste is coming from (i.e. packaging associated with food, product transport materials such as boxes and packing peanuts, items designed for one-time disposable use, other) that is not recycled? How could you realistically reduce that source of waste?

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2) With food product containers, it is often difficult to know what can and cannot be recycled. Do you feel like you know what food related packaging is actually allowed to be recycled in your area? If not, take ten minutes and see what you can find online. Now, are you more or less confused about how recycling works in your area?

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