Public health Project part 2


Assessment Task: You are required to submit a 3000-word essay that details the rationale for the design of the study protocol presented in the first summative assessment point, including details on why the particular study design, methods and objectives were chosen for investigation. NOTE: This essay details the rationale that led to the study protocol presented in essay 1. You work will need to include the following points: Include the PICO research question from essay 1 (5 Marks) Using evidence, debate the best way to answer the research question (20 Marks). Give strengths and weaknesses of study designs and methods that could be used to answer the research question (20 Marks). Outline which study design will work best based on the strengths and weaknesses above. Include what research methods could be used with this study design (20 Marks) Choose no more than 2 of the research methods that are linked to your study design and consider the pros and cons of these methods in relation to the research question. Justify with evidence which research method will work best with your study design (25 marks) The submitted work should follow appropriate academic conventions i.e. spelling/grammar

/referencing (10 Marks)

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