Psychology- lifespan development

This assignment is aimed at encouraging review of the unit materials on the typical age-related changes that characterize late adulthood, while highlighting the contextual details in which these take place.

  1. a)      Based on the unit materials, explain what portion of life expectancy and quality of health in late adulthood seems to be based in an individual’s genetic makeup, and what portion seems to be based in lifestyle factors? Provide an example for each of the two influences.


  1. b)      After having reviewed the additional unit materials, discuss how “culture” or socio-cultural factors in general might contribute to healthy (or unhealthy) aging of individuals.


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  1. c)       Based on the unit materials, summarize the core recommendations for healthfully reaching late adulthood, and living well during that period of life in spite of the typical aging-related challenges that come with it!


Hopefully this assignment helps bring into evidence the changeable/manageable nature of a good many factors that contribute to the health trajectory an individual ends up on as they enter and navigate through late adulthood, in spite of some aspects of it being out of their hands

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