Psychological theories in nursing care – health information internet project

This is academic style essay, therefore no dot point allowed. The influence of the internet in providing health information to health professionals, patients and the general public has increased significantly in the last decade. Beyond Blue is a key health information internet website, describe the main objectives of the organisation. Identify the psychological theories that they are using and analyse the evidence to support these theories. Identify the benefits and drawbacks of using the internet as a primary source of health information using scholarly research sources and evidence based practice to support your written work and its application to nursing care.

In the Introduction please Commence with a broad position. End introduction with the specific thesis statement. Please make sure to tell the reader in this part (introduction is )what you will write about in the body of your work.

In the body of work please write in full paragraphs with topic sentences and

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Please Identify the psychological theories that the internet site(s) are using.

Describe the main objectives of site(s) and the organisation(s) that produce them.

A critical analysis of the theory used and benefits/drawbacks of using the internet as a source of health information for potentially vulnerable segments of the population

Suggest how information from internet sources can help patients and health professionals

Essay must be based on appropriate peer reviewed research papers to support the points.

In the conclusion please sum up the key points made in the body of the essay without adding any new information.

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