Program evaluation standards

The Progrm Evaluation standards

And Guiding Principles for Evaluation

This assignment requires the student to take their Program Evaluation Portfolio and analyze the contents in a comparison to the requirements of each standard in a one to three sentence statement.

These standards have been slightly modified so they can be applied to your service delivery program.

In addition, the location of that material in your portfolio should be placed after the statement in the following manner: Page #; Paragraph #; and, Sentences # to #.

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These standards are found in Appendix A of Program Evaluation: Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines. Material for this document Retrieved from:




· U1 Design Credibility: Is this program designed by persons with expertise in this service area?

· U2 Attention to Stakeholders: Who are the stakeholders.

· U3 Negotiated Purposes: Is there a mechanism in place for evaluation of the service with necessary adjustments?

· U4 Explicit Values Are individual and cultural values underpinning purposes, processes, and judgments expressed in the design of the program?

· U5 Relevant Information: Does the service provided serve the identified and emergent needs of stakeholders.

· U6 Meaningful Processes and Products:  Does the program provide meaningful service and have valued outcomes?

· U7 Timely and Appropriate Communicating and Reporting Is the communication with stakeholders concerning the program appropriate – how it this done?

· U8 Concern for Consequences and Influence What unintended negative consequences and misuse are there is this program were launched?


· F1 Project Management. What is the personnel list for this program?

· F2 Practical Procedures Does this program have a policy and procedure manual in place? If not how will this happen?

· F3 Contextual Viability How does this program recognize, monitor, and balance the cultural and political interests and needs of individuals and groups.

· F4 Resource Use How will this program sustain itself? What is the budget – what is the fee scale?


· P1 Responsive and Inclusive Orientation What people is this program not serving? Is it a fair elimination of service to this population?

· P2 Formal Agreements What other agencies or services might this program need?

· P3 Human Rights and Respect  How does this program protect human and legal rights and maintain the dignity of participants and other stakeholders?

· P4 Clarity and Fairness Is this program a fair service or does it target a personal agenda?

· P5 Transparency and Disclosure How does this program define its transparency and disclosure? How will you notify stakeholders and funding sources of your service and results of service?

· P6 Conflicts of Interests List conflicts of interest – especially with other groups and stakeholders.

· P7 Fiscal Responsibility This is a budget question….can you sustain this program?


· A1 Justified Conclusions and Decisions What is the governance aspect of this program?

· A2 Valid Information How will information be maintained and preserved for this program?

· A3 Reliable Information What is the process/mechanism by which program information is reviewed?

· A4 Explicit Program and Context Descriptions What is the exact description of this program, its mission and goals?

· A5 Information Management How is information concerning the service delivery program recorded, collected, reviewed, verified, and storage?

· A6 Sound Designs and Analyses What model or theory did you used to design your service delivery program?

· A7 Explicit Evaluation Reasoning According to your mission and goals – what is success considered?

· A8 Communication and Reporting What is the method or means that the service delivery program will use to communicate its reports of progress and evaluation to its stakeholders.

evaluation accountability

· E1 Evaluation Documentation How do you plan on evaluating this service delivery program?

· E2 Internal Metaevaluation What standard of accountability are you going to use to determine the merit and worth of this service delivery program?

· E3 External Metaevaluation Will you use an external metaevaluations to determine if you program is working? How will you pay for it?

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