pol 111


Write a one-page single-spaced essay which covers one of the following topics. In your analysis cite and summarize how two landmark court cases changed how government and society viewed the issue. Do not provide a header in your submission. Include a works cited page. Be sure to verify your assignment has properly uploaded in the Drop-Box. 4.1 Trace the roots of civil liberties in the original Constitution and their subsequent development in the Bill of Rights 4.2 Describe the First Amendment freedoms and the limitations on them 4.3 Explain how the Constitution protects property rights 4.4 Distinguish between procedural and substantive due process 4.5 Assess the kinds of behavior that may be covered by a constitutional right to privacy 4.6 Analyze the constitutional rights of criminal suspects 4.7 Evaluate the roles of institutions and the people in protecting civil liberties

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