(please see photo)1.Donna Drysdale, co-owner of

(please see photo)1.Donna Drysdale, co-owner of

StylesStylesSensitivPane4. Donna Drysdale, co-owner of Drysdale Pizza, provides you with the following information for2019 and 2020:20192020Food sales$800,000$850,000Other sales50,00060,000Total sales850,000910,000Cost of food sold160,000170,000Cost of other sales20,00024,000Total cost of sales180,000194,000Gross profit670,000716,000Controllable expenses:Salaries and wages160,000170,000Employee benefits50,00055,000Other expenses150,000170,000Income before occupation costs, interest, and depreciation310,000321,000Depreciation expense80,00080,000Interest expense80,00075,000Occupation costs40,00045,000Income before income taxes110,000121,000Income taxes30,00035,000Net income$80,00086,000Other data:201820192020Rent expense$10,000$11,000Food customers served66,66765,385Food inventory at year-end$4,800$5,000$5,300Employee meals *$1,500$1,550*Include as part of employee benefitsDetermine the following for 2019 and 2020:a) Average food service checkb) Food cost percentagec)Labor cost percentaged) Labor cost per customer servedOperating efficiency ratiof )Profit margin3 of 3602 wordsEnglish (United States)FocusESE

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