Pervasive American Culture

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November 14, 2020
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November 14, 2020

Pervasive American Culture

Pervasive American Culture

2 months ago, I was listening to the “You Don’t Own Me”. However, this song is the debut single by Australia singer Grace, which is a well-known version featuring G-Easy. By accident, I heard this song in the Suicide Squad 2016. Then I found the original record by Lesley Gore in 1963, which is much better. It is a popular song written by Philadelphia songwriters John Madara and David White. The entire world is under the influence of American culture. The movie, music, technology, market, finance, media and communication, politics and pop culture. We can feel this world gradually being Americanized. This is happened around the world. I can see Americanization back in my home country, China. In “Bored with USA”, Brendon O’ Connor discusses negative and positive impacts of Americanization in Australia. In “Exporting the Wrong Picture”, Martha Bayles claims her statement that American is now stands for illegal violence and sexuality activities. According to “We Are All Americans”, Vicente Verdú argues that Americanization has negative influences on other foreign countries, especially in young generations. In “In 2000 Years, Will the World Remember Disney or Plato?”, Mark Rice-Oxley shows his concerns about McDomination taking over the world. I believe the world trend is irresistible that all cultures will comes together, and at the end become a big joint of all colors. However, this is just a hypothesis. We will wait decades of years to find out. In China, the vision of Americanization hegemony has its bright sides and also dark sides, such as medical technology cooperation across countries, the obligation of local business and Chinese stars making waves in media communication area.

In China, even though the Google, Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and lots of other websites are blocked since 2014, American culture are still very popular. Not only young generations are obsessed with American music and pop stars. Moreover, Chinese stars are following the American fashion style and lifestyle. I doubt their competition and the true professional ability at the first place. It reminds me of the Met Ball in May last year. The BBC News China reports that lots of Chinese stars and models crowded the red carpet just for taking photos even thought not one of the photographers know them (Asher, Saira and Chen, Heather). Since its influence in teenagers and young generations like me and my cousins, I strongly disagree Chinese stars showing up so frequently on media making bad influences. Also, in the South Korea, people loves K-pop music, which is also a twist of American Hip-hop music. In other ways, K-pop music is enriched by American hip-hop music. Generally speaking, American music is also flourished in a Korean way. The Hollywood industry is an important part in movie market since 19’s century. But nowadays it is a monopolistic giant. Even the European movie market are full of Hollywood products. Those violence and sexuality scenes influence generations, neither in entertainment or artistic way, they have negative effects.

The media and communication, the Tencent China has its own media empire. Social media is definitely learning the American way of public expressions and affairs. Especially, media giants in China have no choice, but to cooperate with American media giants for new opportunities. “Mr. Pardo, the chief executive of Bonfire, recently raised $25 million in funding for the company from the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and from Riot Games, a game studio owned by the Chinese internet giant Tencent that makes League of Legends, one of the most popular online games in the world” (Nick Winfield). I used to hate video games at the time my friends introduce the League of Legend to me, however when I started playing it, it is hard to stop. Now it becomes a love hate relationship between me and the games. “China’s Alibaba has seen a sharp increase in international sales, a sign that it is finally making strides outside its home turf. Its latest results show international sales increased by 123% to 1.1bn yuan ($165m, £127m) between April and June” (Alibaba shows strong global growth). But do not be fooled by this artificial appearance, Alibaba is facing a bunch of lawsuit by selling knock-off products of several international luxury brands. It is a shame for all Chinese people of selling fakes. Americanization not only accelerates the business development, but also fosters the low quality business habit.

The technology of American is outstanding, which for senior citizens is widely used and popular. Medical progress and surgery technics from the U.S. is also advanced and it is being studied and improved by the Chinese scientists and physicians. The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University College of Medicine, which is one of the first of JCI approved hospital, the best cardiac interventional procedures hospital in China. It has a strong cooperation with the UCLA Ronald Reagan Pharmacy, the John Hopkins Hospital, the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Mayo Clinic ( The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University College of Medicine is the leader of globalization in medical field.In conclusion, world is smaller than the old days. It is hard to say this is good or bad for breeding new world products. Correspondingly, we desperately need related policies to limit their business behavior. For Chinese people, we love our cultures and beliefs. But to embrace the American culture is what the world needs.Citation

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