Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper

Use the questions in the table (BOX 3-2) in chapter 3 on page 101 of your textbook as a guide as you write your personal philosophy of nursing. The paper should be three typewritten double-spaced pages following APA style guidelines. The paper should address the following:

1. Introduction that includes who you are and where you practice nursing

2. Definition of Nursing

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3. Assumptions or underlying beliefs

4. Definitions and examples of the major domains (person, health, and environment) of nursing

5. Summary that includes:


a. How are the domains connected?

b. What is your vision of nursing for the future?

c. What are the challenges that you will face as a nurse?

d. What are your goals for professional development?

Grading criteria for the Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper:

Introduction 10%

Definition of Nursing 20%

Assumptions and beliefs 20%

Definitions and examples of domains of nursing 30%

Summary 20%

Total 100%

Your paper must be written in APA style; the last day to turn in this assignment is March 31, 2018 by midnight.

The paper will be checked for plagiarism by turnittin. This paper must be original.

Paper submitted after due date won’t be accepted. No exceptions.



a-Who are you?

b-where do you practice nursing?

2-Define nursing.

a-What is nursing?

b-Why does nursing exist?

c-Why do you practice nursing?

3- What are your assumptions or underlying beliefs about:



c-Others health care providers?


4-Define the major domains of nursing and provide examples:




5- Summary

a-How are the domains connected?

b-What is your vision of nursing for the future?

c-What are the challenges that you will face as a nurse?

d-What are your goals for professional development?

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