People may be surprised to learn that I…


Essay Topic – People may be surprised to learn that I… All instructions are given n the attached document  Notes/Instructions for the writer:   ·       Take points from my responses below ·       Don’t exceed the word limit of 250 words ·       For each point, refine and highlight the key takeaway: Examples: “I am absurdly good with numbers; I am beginning to calculate 297^2 and before the time I reached here, I have the answer: 88209”. See, the example is fun to read, unique, and has a clear takeaway- that I am good with numbers. Another example: I recently saw Bhaag Miklha Bhaag, a movie based on arguably India’s greatest athlete ever; after five years, I put my running shoes on and with 10 breath-breaks, covered 14 kilometers on Noida-Greater Noida expressway. Another fun example with takeaways- that I have high physical stamina and that I am determined.

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