Part 1—Error Detection

Socioautobiography Assignment
October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Part 1—Error Detection


Part 1—Error Detection

Each of the Spanish sentences below is incorrect in either grammar or meaning. Rewrite each sentence correctly on the answer sheet provided at the end of the book.

1. El rey que canta está tocando el tambor.

The king that used to sing is playing the drum.

2. Él y ella está tomando jugo.

He and she are drinking juice.

3. La princesa todavía canta.

The princess used to sing.

4. ¿Con quién llora la reina?

Who does the queen sing with?

5. ¿Cómo canta la reina?

Where does the queen sing?

Part 2—Math

Read the following sentences and do the math to find the answer. Then write out the number in Spanish on the answer sheet provided at the end of the book. Write only the answer in Spanish.

A. ochocientos  

B. diez y ocho

C. ochenta

D. octocientos

15. Which of the following is the Spanish equivalent of 1,946?

A. un mil noventa cuatro y seis

B. uno nueve cuatro seis

C. diecinueve cuarenta y seis

D. mil novecientos cuarenta y seis    

Part 3—Reading Comprehension

16. What are five characteristics for the typical North American tourist?

17. What are three misconceptions typical tourists have about Mexico and the

people there?

18. What do most Mexicans think about this kind of tourist?

19. What are four reasons why the Mexicans like Peace Corps volunteers?

20. What are three ways that Peace Corps volunteers are different from each


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