Paper on the Odyssey


Answer one (1) of the following questions in an essay format (see rubric). Format: 4-6 pages. MLA format (,  (Links to an external site.)   no title page, no spaces between paragraphs (see Writing Sins for more detail). – Be sure to include a clear (provable) thesis statement and indicate the scope of the paper in the opening paragraph. – Be sure each paragraph begins (first or second sentence) with a clear, declarative statement that implicitly answers the question: what is this paragraph about? – Use specific examples from the text. Avoid quoting the text. Paraphrase instead. Cite EVERY specific reference to the text of another (Homer or another work). 1. The Poetic Presentation/Description of Love. In book 3 of the Iliad, love, personified by the goddess of love, Aphrodite, coaxes Helen into the arms of her lover Paris. After “Homer,” does the poetic presentation of love follow “Homer’s” model or adopt different images, symbols, or even agents? Use at least two authors beside “Homer” for this paper. The works of Sappho, Archilochus, Theocritus, and Catullus will be useful for this paper. 2. The Power of Language/Poetry. In the Odyssey, the hero Odysseus uses his language (stories, lies, even the truth) to achieve his aims (acceptance and/or his homecoming). Do other Greek and Roman poets (Archilochus to Catullus) share “Homer’s” view of language as a tool to gain one’s ends, something that produces real-world results aside from simple self-expression? Use at least two authors besides “Homer” for this question. 3. Couple Comparison. In poem 45, Catullus praises the couple of Septimius and Acme. After examining this poem, consider whether or not Catullus would shower equal (or similar) praise upon the couple of Odysseus and Penelope.

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