oral communication skills presentation

Task: Individual Oral Presentation 1 Details:  You must deliver an individual presentation and submit it as a Powerpoint or PDF document the week before (see below for dates)  Presentation title: Using examples, how important is intercultural communication in brand management and marketing?  Content and expectations: Your presentation should:  refer to different communication styles and marketing methods  refer to different communication settings contexts and the communication process  refer to intercultural communication competence  have a clear structure with an introduction, an outline and a conclusion  answer the question with a coherent argument referring to relevant evidence and examples  show critical thinking by analyzing and interpreting the evidence  use appropriate visual aids with correct spelling and grammar and appropriate font, size and colour  be within the time limit and allow questions and answers at the end Formalities:  Presentation length: 8-10 minutes  Number of slides: 7-10  The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in Harvard’s citation style. Submission: Week 4, Sunday 21st February 2021. – Via Moodle Presentation date: During on-campus classes in weeks 5 & 6 (weeks starting on February 22nd and 1st March). Weight: This task is a 30% of your total grade for this subject. Full learning outcomes that will be assessed:  Outcome 1: To demonstrate the ability to research, organize, prepare and deliver an individual oral presentation  Outcome 2: To create effective visual aids that will enhance the presentation  Outcome 3: To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of communication perspectives and intercultural communication  Outcome 4: To demonstrate effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication  Outcome 5: To be able to develop a coherent and cohesive persuasive argument and link ideas together with signposting language and cohesive devices  Outcome 6: To find relevant academic sources which are cited and referenced appropriately to support your argument  Outcome 7: To analyse and the question, demonstrating critical thinking  Outcome 8: To show depth of knowledge and ability to field questions

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