Nursing Care Plan for Breathing and Controlling Body Temperature

Case study

You are the nurse looking after Kyle, a 2 year old male admitted to the

Paediatric ward with whopping cough. He currently has symptoms of

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rhinorrhea (runny nose), red, bloodshot eyes, a temperature of 37.9 degrees

Celsius and a paroxysmal cough (repetitive, forceful coughs). Kyle

appears lethargic and apathetic.

Instructions: Structure your assignment so that it meets the following

requirements: You may use headings.

Introduction. (approx 250 words). Serves as a “map” of the essay,
outlining to the reader the key points contained in the body of the work.

Discussion of Activities of Living (AoL’s) related to the Case Study –
Breathing and Controlling Body Temperature (approx. 600 words)

Discuss how the AoL’s of breathing and controlling body temperature have

been altered for Kyle. Your answer must include the following:

An overview of how the two AoL’s may be affected
How you would assess Kyle in relation to the the two identified

How you would initially prioritise Kyle’s care needs and then treat
his symptoms

Nursing Care Plan. (approx 400 words). Using the Nursing Care Plan
provided identify one issue related to either breathing or controlling body

temperature that has arisen from the case study. From this issue students

are required to formulate a plan/goal for improving this issue, identify

strategies for meeting the plan/goal and then discuss what evaluative

measures will be taken to determine if the plan/ goal was met.

Conclusion (approx 250 words, start a new paragraph). Summarise the
key points expressed in the body of the work, as well as the key learning

from your research.

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