Network Technology Foundation

Requires CISCO Packet Tracer (version 7.3 and above) in order to do the assignment. – This is NOT essay-type question nor multiple choice questions; it’s practical test on a computer software and if you are experienced with Netacad you know what I’m talking about. – This is an 2 HOUR assignment. – Assignment start from 2:45pm until 4:55pm in Malaysian Time (MYT) – Need someone with strong knowledge in Network Technology and familiar with the CISCO Packet Tracer. (must know how to configure PCs, and do basic calculation for ipv4,ipv6) – Questions will be revealed once the assignment start (2:55pm MYT) – Topics covered; ipv4 , ipv6, ssh port security, vlan & intervlan, dhcpv4, ipv4/ipv6 static route and default route. – This should be a piece of cake for expert since the question is basically on beginner’s level.

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