Network Design and Troubleshooting

Students who successfully complete this module will be able to:

  1. Identify, analyse and communicate principles and processes ofNetwork Design.
  2. Critically analyse and evaluate business and technical Requirements.
  3. Plan and design a Network Infrastructure.
  4. Design and evaluate a management and implementation strategy for a network.
  5. Collect and synthesise information to inform a choice of vendor solutions, with the module assignment providing a good opportunity to test this area.
  6. Evaluate a range of information comparing alternative methods and techniques used in Network Design.
  7. Be able to troubleshoot and maintain integrated, complex networks

This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the knowledge base of this module and its terminology and discourse.
  2. Evaluate network devices to be used for a particular area in the network in relation to requirement.
  3. Design and implement a fully functional network infrastructure based on requirements given in the assignment brief.
  4. Demonstrate autonomous learning context and draw on prior experiences reflecting and evaluating on new leaning outcome.

This is an individual assignment based on the case study scenario presented below. This assignment will assess your understanding of the principles of network design and the ability to analyse, design and create a network infrastructure fully configured and tested which will reflect your understanding of network design and troubleshooting.

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The network given in the above scenario may have many areas of network security concerns, you are to perform the following task and provide the following:

  1. Evaluate the given network design in terms of security, availability and scalability. Your evaluation should include discussions of potential security impacts of the given network.
  2. With the aid of diagram, design a new secured and reliable network. Your network design should include:

o Analysis and evaluation of topology used including Network documentation (topology documentation, Devices configuration tables and end devices configuration table).

o Analysis and evaluation of devices / technologies used.

o Network security consideration.

o Sample related configuration of Switches, Routers (a full configuration including network simulation file must be attached in the appendix).

o Test all servers including web and email servers functionality.

o Test the connectivity across all network including to/from DMZ

Demonstrate effective approach to study and research includingexplanation and discussion of subject concepts, exploring requirements of given assignment.

Using relevant information paraphrased / interpreted from sound sources, summarising and making sense of information.

Discussion, examination and analysis of different network components, exploring the relationship between different components.

Reasoning of device/components selection based on priori-knowledge, backed by evidence of research from sound sources.

Discussion and analysis of different network models. Evaluation and judgement

Evaluation of different components and network model

The judgment in selecting components shows understanding of issues based on evaluating and comparing different network componentssupported by literature.

Evaluation of different technologies and/or protocols such as VLANs, Trunking, Access control, DHCP etc.

Implementation and Configuration of all network components and protocol with evidence (sample network configuration scripts).

The plan accommodated the necessary devices and accounted for the unforeseen.

Evidence related to the work carried out in designing and implementation is apparent and demonstrate autonomy and independence.

A well-defined document that reflects testing of given requirements, protocol, and selected components used.

Demonstrate and present network testing using appropriate technical language evidently related to the work carried.

Presentation, document structure and reflection

The document is well styled using appropriate academic language, presenting information using many methods including graphs, text and diagrams where applicable.

The report reflects autonomous and creativity including an insight reflection of learning supported by theory.

Submission and Late submission

  • Students must ensure that their work is satisfactory and fit for purpose, both academically and free from any plagiarism.
  • Students must use an appropriate coversheet, which must include the subject, assignment title, student ID and date-time.
  • Tutors, lecturers and module convenors do not have the authority to extend the submission deadlines nor the exam time/date. In case of any mitigating circumstances, students should fill in the relevant mitigating circumstances form(s) which can be requested with —-Student Services—-
  • The marking of the assignment will be capped to 40 if the assignment is submitted within first seven (7) days after the deadline, any submission late than 7 days will be ignored.
  • The Submission File should be appropriate to the topic/title of the assignment and contain the Student ID, (Student ID-Assignment title).
  • All coursework related material must be attached as in the appendix in the final coursework/assignment document, including any computer generated document, software/ code, simulation file etc.


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